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Studio Fluorescent Video Lighting

The most reasonable site and soulution I have found for these lights.

“With the arrival of Cool Lights, those wanting affordable, cool studio lighting will not have to go to the great lengths that Richard did to research, design, find parts, custom make sheet metal boxes, etc. in their quest for a reasonable alternative to tungsten lighting! ”

Using two of our special (optimized for video and digital photography) 55 watt biax (PL 2G11) type bulbs, this fixture can put out an equivalent of almost 500 watts of flicker-free (and quiet) light for drawing only 110 watts. It really is the “cool” choice in studio lighting. Two of these units are very useful as part of an interview lighting kit or for a small studio.

The CL-255 comes with 2 High CRI (>87) 55 watt bulbs (available in choice of 3200K or 5600K),

price $179





Studio Lighting Dimmer packs

The Strand Century now has 4 channels failed on dimmer pack 1 its most likely the control PCB.
The control PCB was rebuilt already on dimmer pack 2.
The Dimmers are scuduled to be we wired on may 21-22-23
Items needed are Wiring Tray and SO cord and Ground wire.

The studio grid map needs reworked

RFI AM radio SR 32.4 XLR Mic inputs

Hello I have a Mackie SR32.4 mixing Board.
Its about 7 years or less old SN.9M1811.
I get AM radio on Mic line inputs with a new double shield snake hooked up to sure SM58’s and sure Laples. The nearest AM transmitter is 4 miles or more. The RFI comes and goes depending on weather.
Mackie has a solder in RFI filter fix that you can make yourself.. I know as we did it once on diffirent install…
But I see no mention of it here… anyways does someone know of a prebuilt RFI filter xlr cable or barrel for a good price?
In older mackies IMHO RFI is a know problem (do a google search) in some cases… Mackie wanted a wide frontend… well its a little to wide ! Like DC to Daylight.. hehe just kidding.. I like Mackie
but AM radio in the mix is a little to much!
Any ideas are welcome?
Link to Mackie mystery filter?
Prebuilt filters?
Thanks in advance
here is mackies reply:This LC Filter network has proven to be effective in filtering out AM RFI.
Install this filter by hard wiring it (i.e. soldering) into an XLR shell on the end of a mic cable.Attach the modified end of the mic cable to the mixer?s mic preamp input.
(For very extreme RFI environments, the capacitor can be changed to 0.01mF.)
Parts RequiredCoil Digikey part#
Unsheilded 220mH DN-2576-ND 800-344-4539
Sheilded 220mH DN-41224-ND
Capacitor Mackie part#
Poly 0.0047mF/50V 200-034-00 800-258-6883
Ceramic 0.01mF/50V 210-001-00
Note: Mackie Designs makes no claims as to 100% effectiveness of the above mod.
Factors such as location and sound system installation techniques can make a drastic
difference in RFI intensity.? link to drawing


Mackie RFI filter?PDF FILE

Sure Filter


  • Engineering Says:
    Sure makes a XLR filterA15RF In-Line RF Interference Attenuator
    The Shure A15RF In-Line RF Attenuator provides all types of balanced audio systems with greatly improved immunity to radio frequency interference (RFI). It is especially useful in applications where balanced audio devices near strong RFI sources, such as AM radio stations, are connected by long cable runs.